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Benefits of Regular Full Body Massages

We have all heard of a full body massage, but what does one entail and why is regular massage so beneficial?

Full body massage

As life moves faster and we expect more and more from our time and energy, we can easily lose sight of how our bodies and minds should feel; our base-line level. A full body massage has many benefits, not just for relaxation and stress-relief, but it can aid better sleep, improve circulation, improve digestion, speed up recovery from injury, provide pain relief, improve flexibility and range of motion of our bodies and joints, improve our immune systems and help us to gain greater awareness of our bodies and how they should feel.

What is a full body massage and what to expect

A full body massage at Melyn Therapies lasts 45 minutes and concentrates on areas of your neck and shoulders, upper, mid and lower back, pelvis, legs, feet, arms, hands, head and face. This can be performed with you lying face down on a comfortable treatment couch (even if you are pregnant, thanks to our wonderful pregnancy pillow) , lying on your back, on your side or even seated, depending on what is most comfortable for you. At Melyn Therapies we do not use a 'one size fits all' routine massage, it is completely tailored to you in terms of techniques used, pressure or firmness, and areas of the body covered. Before each session you will be asked how you are doing, which areas of the body you would like worked on and what you would like to get out of your massage that day (for relaxation, to feel energised, relief from pain or discomfort or help with recovery from injury). Hypoallergenic, unscented and water-based oils are used to reduce any friction and to moisturise the skin. I work using combination of swedish, therapeutic and sports massage techniques, at a firmness that is right for you. I also like to incorporate gentle stretching where it is needed. Communication is really important, so if at any point, you feel the pressure is too much or too little, then tell me and I can adjust it so you can get the most out of the session. You will be covered with a sheet or blanket to keep you comfortable and you will only be asked to remove clothing of areas where we are working directly onto the skin. If you are not comfortable removing any clothing, that's no problem, I can do soft tissue work through clothing and use a massage machine where appropriate. You will be given support as to how you can help improve your posture, reduce pain and increase your flexibility and mobility at home and help identify any lifestyle factors that may aid recovery or prevent future flare-ups.

Melyn Therapies full body massage treatment couch Cardiff Penylan

Benefits of full body massage

Massage helps improve circulation to the area being massaged and across the whole body. By applying pressure and kneading muscles, it encourages blood flow to the area which brings extra oxygen and essential nutrients to tissues, such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. Increased circulation also aids in removing waste products from the area. This in turn can aid recovery and healing and reduce soreness.

Areas of chronic tightness caused by day to day activities, such as prolonged desk sitting, or driving, repetitive actions such as lifting toddlers, or playing sport, benefit from regular massage to loosen tight and stiff muscles and joints. Regular massage helps break down any areas of scar tissue caused by injury or microinjury, which leads to a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility and flexibility. This is great whether you are an athlete or someone wanting to improve the way you move and perform daily activities with ease.

Full body massage helps reduce stress and releases endorphins (feel-good hormones), which in turn aids better sleep, improves the way your immune system works and helps improve your mental wellbeing. Taking time for yourself to experience a truly relaxing massage in a safe and warm environment, gives your sympathetic nervous system a rest and allows you parasympathetic nervous system to work optimally. This can be really beneficial to those who suffer from digestive problems such as IBS and with direct massage techniques (which can be used at home) can help constipation (in both adults and children) or even menstrual pain and discomfort, including conditions such as endometriosis. By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, your body has the chance to use its energy to heal and boost its own natural defences rather than for fight or flight. Regular massage is an extremely useful tool for anyone dealing with chronic stress as a way of allowing your body down-time.

In conclusion, massage can often be seen as an indulgent rare occurrence or special treat, or something that is used solely when we are in pain to help recovery from injury. However, regular full body massages can be transformative in how well our body functions, moves and feels in our every day lives, regardless of age and fitness level. Whether you seek better sleep, greater relaxation, an immune system boost, relief from pain or improved mobility and flexibility, incorporating regular full body massages into your lifestyle is a simple and cost effective way of investing in your health. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

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