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Baby & Child

Baby and Children chiropractic massage craniosacral therapy breastfeeding support

Babies and children of any age benefit hugely from massage and chiropractic care.  Whether you have had a difficult pregnancy or assisted or traumatic birth, or a straight forward birth, babies often have areas of tightness and restriction that can cause problems.  Massage and chiropractic care can help with sleep, colic, breastfeeding and infant feeding, and general bonding and relaxation for mum and baby.  Childhood growth spurts, sports and fitness, tumbles and falls, sitting at a desk and carrying school bags can all take their toll on developing bodies.  Treatment is a gentle, safe and restorative, and can encourage lifelong self-care habits. 

Infant Feeding & Breastfeeding

Older Kids

Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, combination feeding, weaning or feeding a high-need baby, we provide expert face to face and virtual support in Penylan, Cardiff.  We are an inclusive clinic and recognise that not all birthing or breastfeeding/chest-feeding people are women and all support provided will be tailored to you and your family.  Consultations last 45 minutes and assessments are carried out by an experienced and qualified practitioner (see Team for more information).

We often forget how much change our older children's bodies are going through. Growth spurts, sport injuries, posture, prolonged periods of time sitting or lugging around a school bag can all take it's toll on their developing body. Both chiropractic care and massage are effective ways of ensuring your child's joints, muscles and ligaments are growing and developing in the way they should and without pain or discomfort.  Chiropractic and massage care for our children sets up healthy self-care habits that last a lifetime!

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