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Massage chiropractic treatment couch bench inside Melyn Chiropractic



British Chiropractic Association member
General Chiropractic Council registered member


Healthcare Clinic Penylan

Supporting women and children's health and wellbeing.  We provide:

  • Chiropractic care

  • Rehabilitation

  • Massage 

  • Perinatal care, including pregnancy and postnatal massage

  • C-Section scar massage

  • Breastfeeding and infant feeding support

Tailored to women, babies and children of all ages and set in a relaxing space, in the heart of Penylan, Cardiff.

Cefnogi iechyd a lles menywod a phlant. Rydym yn darparu gofal:

  • Chiropractic

  • Triniaeth tylino beichiogrwydd ac ôl-enedigol,

  • Craith C-Section

  • Cymorth bwydo ar y fron

Wedi’i anelu i fenywod, babanod a phlant o bob oed ac wedi’u gosod mewn man ymlaciol, yng nghanol Penylan, Caerdydd.

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Opening Times

Melyn Chiropractic
17 Harrismith Road

Wales, United Kingdom
CF23 5DG

Tuesday        10am-12pm, 5pm-8pm

Wednesday  10am-2pm, 5pm-8pm

Thursday       10am - 8pm

Friday            10am-2pm, 5pm-8pm

Weekend Availability



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Therapies Available
We've got your back!

At Melyn Chiropractic we provide a welcoming and accessible space for all women and their families, regardless of your size, shape, how good your skin is; wobbly bits and all!  Chiropractic and massage can often feel daunting and they shouldn't be.  I hope to make Chiropractic, massage, sports massage, pregnancy and postnatal massage, breastfeeding support and self-care an accessible and relaxing experience.  As a mum of four and in my 40s, I am often put off by very sports-driven, male-orientated clinic environments.  Not all of us feel comfortable getting our kit off in front of a 22 year old sports physio in a clinic full of mirrors!  Haven't shaved your legs for weeks?  No worries, we have all been there! I won't bat an eyelid.

I used to find it impossible to do anything without a baby in tow.  Why not bring baby along to our postnatal treatments which are flexible with extended time.  If baby needs feeding, or changing or just cuddled, you won't feel under time pressure.  Baby can even get a treatment too, providing a lovely bonding experience for you both.  Melyn Chiropractic provides pregnancy massage, post-natal massage and breastfeeding support by a trained and experienced professional, all in one place saving you time and energy.

At Melyn Chiropractic I work with you to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  There's no reason why a massage or chiropractic care has to be either for relaxation or for an injury - it can be both!  It is better if it is; noone enjoys being hammered by someone's knuckles just because their shoulders are tight.  A person in discomfort is a tense person, the opposite of what we want to achieve.  Treatments at Melyn are effective in what they do and a lovely experience.

 We don't offer 'routine' massages or treatments that go through the same old motions.  Each session is unique and completely tailored to you and your needs.  Need a foot rub with your back rub?  Excellent!  Need to fall asleep on the couch and let someone take care of you for once? We've got your back.  Stretches, exercises and rehabilitation are all part of the package, so if you have a specific complaint, we can work on that too.  You will walk away feeling like good has been done and you enjoyed the process.


  • Massage, Sports Massage and Swedish or Therapeutic Massage

  • Chiropractic

  • Pregnancy Massage and Postnatal Massage, baby massage and C-section scar massage

  • Massage for children and family

  • Rehabilitation, Stretching, Active Isolated Stretching, Injury assessment

  • Postnatal core restore

  • Infant feeding and Breastfeeding support, Chest-feeding, combination feeding

  • Women's health, pelvic pain, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow, hand, foot and wrist pain

  • Headaches, migraines

  • Sleep disorders, relaxation, stress relief and self-care

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